Ellen Eve Kelly (1870-??)

ELLEN EVE KELLY was born in 1870 in Emmetsburg, Iowa. On November 18, 1890, she was married to Brian Lewis Maguire, by Rev. Luke Carroll, at Assumption Church in Emmetsburg, Iowa. Brian was born March 5, 1865 to Patrick and Mary (O'Regan) Maguire in Allamakee County, Iowa. Ellen was married to a brother of her sister's Elizabeth husband.

The 1910 census show's Ellen the mother of 11 children, and that Brian was a farmer and he was renting his home. I could only find ten children: Hugh, Alice, Ellen, Louisa, Harold Thomas, Mary, James, Eugene, and John. In 1940, at the time of their son, Hugh's death they were living in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

A. Hugh Edward Maguire was born August 1891, in Palo Alto Co., Iowa. Hugh married Bridget Cahill on March 16, 1916, she was born June 22, 1896, in Ruthven, Iowa, to James and Mary (Jennings) Cahill. They farmed near Ayrshire when they were first married. In 1934 they moved to Ayrshire and operated a produce house. Hugh also sold insurance.

Ruth (daughter of Hugh and Bridget) recalled that when her ma left Ayrshire, someone put an article in the paper. It said, AWhen Bridget Maguire moved from Ayrshire it was the first time in 100 years that there wasn't a Maguire on the Catholic Church rolls.

Other things that Ruth remembered are the blizzards of '36, Father McCoy's 'Hi-Hops' and walking a mile east of town to go sliding. Even though we didn't have much money the folks always saw to it that we had a nice Christmas. During the blizzard of 1936 the town of Ayrshire was isolated and there was no bread or yeast. Ma had a yeast starter and she made bread and doughnuts for people. She was a good cook and seamstress.

The 1925 census shows that they were living in Ayrshire and Hugh had a 9th grade education and Bridget had a 11th grade education.

Hugh passed away, February 5, 1940, and was buried at Calvary Cemetery, in Ayrshire, Iowa. Hugh and Bridget became the parents of 13 children: Gerald, Eunice, Joe, Ruth, Jean, Louis, Jimmie, Therese, Lois, John, Ann, Leo and Richard.

The only information I have on these people is that, Eunice Maguire born in 1917, married Glenn McDonald. Joe Maguire was born in 1919. Ruth Maguire was born in 1923 and married George Baxter. Jean Maguire was born 1925, and she married Ed Montgomery.

B. Alice E. Maguire was born December 1893 in Palo Alto Co., IA. On June 15, 1914, she was married to James S. Thompson, son of Charles and Doll (Halloran) Thompson of Ayrshire. James was born June 14, 1888, in Ayrshire, Iowa, and he died April 9, 1943. James was a farmer in the Ayrshire, Iowa area.

They were the parents of at least seven children, Paul, Emmet, Jerry, Bill, John, Dick and Vivian. Alice died February 4, 1969.

B 1. Paul Thompson. On August 28, 1948, he married Patricia M. Kelly, a third cousin. Patricia was born February 10, 1928 in Emmetsburg, Iowa the daughter of Edward Francis and Anna Genevieve (Maloney) Kelly. Patricia grandfather William H. Kelly was a brother to Paul=s grandmother, Ellen Eve Kelly.

Paul and Patricia became the parents of ten children, Thomas, Mary, Roberta, Coleen, Michael, Elizabeth, Robert, Lawrence, Patrick, and Melissa. Paul died July 1982 in Clear Lake, Iowa.

1. THOMAS E. THOMPSON, was born March 3, 1949 in Emmetsburg, Iowa. He married Frances Morris and they became the parents of two children, Vanessa and Shaun.

2. MARY P. THOMPSON, was born April 2, 1950 in Emmetsburg, Iowa. Mary married Pat Dillavow, and they became the parents of four children, Zackery, Matt, Trisha and Joshua.

3. ROBERTA M. THOMPSON, was born January 9, 1952 in Emmetsburg, Iowa. She married Dennis Henely. Roberta and Dennis had two children, Michael and Heather Henely.

4. COLEEN A. THOMPSON, was born April 23, 1953 in Emmetsburg, Iowa. She married Robert Simmer. Coleen and Robert had three children, Jason, Jennifer and Jessica.

5. MICHAEL P. THOMPSON, was born May 19, 1954 in Emmetsburg, Iowa. He married Cindy Boyer, and they had one child, Andy

6. ELIZABETH D. THOMPSON, was born September 22, 1956 in Emmetsburg, Iowa. Elizabeth married Jim Jennings and they had three children, Jill, Jamie and Sarah.

7. ROBERT E. THOMPSON, was born July 25, 1958 in Emmetsburg, Iowa.

8. LAWRENCE R. THOMPSON, was born March 3, 1961 in Emmetsburg, Iowa.

9. PATRICK J. THOMPSON, was born October 6, 1964 in Ft. Dodge, Iowa.

10. MILISSA S. THOMPSON, was born August 4, 1967 in Ft. Dodge, Iowa.

C. Helen (Ellen Maguire) was born February 1895 in Palo Alto Co. Helen was united into marriage on June 6, 1918. Need to recheck this information, someone said she never married.

D. Harold Louis Maguire was born in 1896 and died in 1938

E. Gerald Thomas Maguire was born November 1897 in Palo Alto County, Iowa. According to social security records he was born October 3, 1901 and died January 20, 1992. He was married to Ethel who became quite ill with Parkinson=s Disease. Social Security Death Benefits Records, Ethel was born April 24, 1906 and died December 24, 1969 in Rapid City, South Dakota.

The following is a story of an episode with a horse told by Gerald:

During the month of August, when I was 10 years old, I was helping my brother pick potatoes. On the side of the fence, a young man was plowing, using a team of five horses. Since I never saw this before, I snuck over to get a closer look. I was walking behind this man and the plow for a while. When he stopped for a minute, I kept on walking and pretty soon, I was right behind the horses. One horse in particular apparently didn=t like it because he kicked me in the head.

As I was told, the man picked me up in one arm and held the big team with the other. He carried me home along with the plow and horses. A Mr. Kassel, who was building a corn crib, took me into the house. My mother, of course, was crying because I was unconscious. When Dr. Gilbert got to our house and saw my wound, he told my father we needed a surgeon to operate. Therefore, my Uncle Joe Kibbie, went to Ruthven to bring a surgeon back.

While everyone waited, the men made a makeshift operating room using the lights from the car and the kitchen table. We had just gotten a brand-new stove that could heat all the water the doctor would need. Mrs. Degnan, My Aunt Mrs. Kibbie and Mrs. O=Brien waited with my mother.

The surgeon came, operated and put a metal plate in my head and then stayed all night with me. For twelve days the ladies stayed with my mother. After about eight days I regained consciousness. I went back to school three months later, fully recovered, however, I had to continue wearing a bandage for several months.

In later years, I had a stroke and woke up this time in Rochester, Minnesota. The doctors found the metal plate in my head and were as fascinated about that, as they were concerned about my stroke. They could hardly believe the surgeon had done such a good job. Since my stroke, I have trouble with my speech, but can write, read, sing and play the organ as good as ever.

Gerald and Ethel, last lived in Rapid City, South Dakota. They were the parents of seven Children.

E 1. Francis (Maguire) Quasney

E 2. Patricia (Maguire) Kenner

E 3. Mary (Maguire) Gregory

E 4. Richard Maguire

E 5. James Maguire

E 6. Thomas Maguire

E 7. Paul Maguire

F. John F. Maguire, also known as Jack, was born in 1903 in Palo Alto County. Iowa he married Monica Caroline Brennon on November 3, 1925 in Emmetsburg, Iowa. Monica was born in 1902 at Emmetsburg, Iowa. John and Monica became the parents of Nine children: a little girl that died at infancy, William, Patrick, Thomas, Harold, Robert, Larry, and two more girls.

Collected by Karen (Genser) Kelly

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