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The Bare-Bones Guide to Genealogy

Book of Irish Names
First, Family & Place Names

Ancestors : A Beginner's Guide to Family History and Genealogy
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Clans and Families of Ireland: The Heritage and Heraldry of Irish Clans and Families
Tracing Your Irish Ancestors: The Complete Guide
Charting Your Family History.
Discovering Your Family Tree. David Iredale, John Barrett.
The Everything Family Tree Book; Finding, Charting, and Preserving. William G. Hartley.
The Family Tree Detective : Cracking the Case of Your Family's Story. Ann Douglas, Stephen MacEachern (Illustrator).
Family Tree Kit. Noel M. Elliott (Editor)
From Family Tree to Family History (Studying Family and Community : 19th and 20th Centuries, Vol 1). Ruth Finnegan (Editor), Michael Drake (Editor).
How to Trace Your Family Tree : A Complete and Easy to Understand Guide for the Beginner.. American Genealogical Research Institute.
Me and My Family Tree. Joan Sweeney, Annette Cable (Illustrator).
Me and the Family Tree. Carole Boston Weatherford, Michelle Mills (Illustrator).
My Family Tree : A Bird's Eye View. Nina Laden.
The Bare-Bones Guide to Genealogy. Mary T. McGlone
My Family Tree Workbook : Genealogy for Beginners. Rosa Chorzempa
My First Family Tree. Catherine Bruzzone, Caroline Church (Illustrator).
Our Family Tree Record Book. Deni Bown.
In Search of Your British and Irish Roots: A Complete Guide to Tracing Your English Welsh Scottish and Irish Ancestors
Prima's Official Companion to Family Tree Maker 5. Myra Vanderpool Gormley.
Shaking Your Family Tree : A Basic Guide to Tracing Your Family's Genealogy. Ralph Crandall.
A Student's Guide to Mexican American Genealogy (Oryx American Family Tree Series). George R. Ryskamp, Peggy Ryskamp (Contributor).
Tracing Your Ancestors : An Illustrated Guide to Compiling Your Family Tree. Christine Morris.
Your Family Tree (Beginner's Series). Jim, Jr Oldfield.
Climb Your Family Tree; A Genealogy Detective's Kit. Anne Depue, Doug Keith (Illustrator).
Discovering Your Family Tree : A Pocket Guide to Tracing Your English Ancestors. David Iredale.
Ancestors : A Beginner's Guide to Family History and Genealogy. Jim Willard, et al.

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Archaeology & History
Folklore & Mythology

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Irish Names for Children

The Druid Stone
Beyond Shannon and Sean : An Enlightened Guide to Irish Baby Naming
O'Baby : The Irish Baby Name Book
The Book of Irish Names : First, Family and Place Names
Celtic Names for Children

Irish Archaeology

Irish History

Irish in America

Irish Potato Famine


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